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Onsite SEO & Website Architecture
Hi this is Paul, Julia is going to help us understand why On-Site SEO is important. Julia, What is On-Site SEO?
On-Site SEO is the changes we make to your website that will help your web pages to be filed, or indexed correctly by the Search Engines. This includes content optimization, Meta Tag Adjustments, XML Sitemap Setup, Source Code Optimization and other services. By doing this we are laying the foundation for future success, in your Search Engine rankings.

Upon completion of the On-site SEO of your WebPages, Max Web Group begins the process of readying your website for Off-Site SEO tactics that will be the most important aspect of your success with Search Engines.

What is Off-Site SEO?
Off-Site SEO ensures that your website collects votes or links, for the search phrases you want to be ranked for in the search engines. Off-Site SEO is not done on your actual website; the work is done on other websites. This external SEO work, will affect the ranking of your own website in the search engines. Off-Site SEO makes up the majority of the whole Search Engine Optimization process.

What are the benefits of conducting an On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO?
On-Site and Off-Site SEO, are the methods used to conduct Search Engine Optimization upon your website. As a result your website becomes readable and more attractive to Search Engines, so that it will naturally affect the top rankings, of key words and phrases.
On-Site and Off-Site SEO, are major components to securing, the best possible outcome in Search Engine results. In reality they go hand in hand, but are conducted individually when optimizing for SEO.

I like the look of my website, why do I need to optimize it?
The common misconception with SEO practice is that performing SEO alters the look and display of your website. The reality is that SEO adds additional and relevant content behind the scenes, in order for your website to become more readable. Your website needs to be Search Engine Optimized, to receive preferential ranking with the Search Engines, and in order to achieve maximum exposure and results. However, the arrangement and display of your website remain exactly the same, and consistent with what it was originally.

Can I skip On-Site optimization service?
Yes, you can skip On-Site optimization, but it definitely is not recommended. On-Site and Off-Site optimization, go hand in hand. And in order to achieve the full benefits of an SEO makeover, On-Site optimization is imperative. Although the majority of SEO is conducted using Off-Site optimization techniques, without the proper On-Site structuring and effort, your website may not be ranking as high as it should be with the Search Engines.

What are Meta Keywords and Tags? Do I need them?
Meta keywords and tags allow you to provide additional text, for ‘crawler-based’ Search Engines to index, along with the rest of what you’ve written on your site. One way to use Meta keywords is to emphasize a particular word or phrase, in the main body of your text. Another option is to insert synonyms of words into your Meta keywords, so that you don’t actually have to change it on the page itself.

Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. In the context of Search Engine Optimization, when people refer to Meta tags, they are usually referring to the Meta description tag, and the Meta keywords tag. The Meta description tag and the Meta keywords tags are not seen by users. Instead, these tags main purpose is providing Meta document data, to user agents, such as Search Engines. In addition to the well-known Meta description, and Meta keywords tags, there are other useful Meta tags, including the Meta Refresh Tag, the Meta Robots Tag, the Meta Copyright Tag, and the Meta Author Tag, and so on. These tags are used, to give web browsers, and search engine spiders, directions or data on various information.

In summary, they are in the coding of you website, and do not affect the outlook or display of your website. And yes, you need them to efficiently optimize your website. Allow our SEO professionals to look after the technical side of it.

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Thank you Julia, I’m really enjoying learning, and looking forward to the results that we’ll get from on site SEO!!!!

Your welcome Paul, more information and free videos are in the max video library.