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We offer a number of services dependent upon your requirements.

If you are unsure as to which service would be best suited to your business please give us a call on 086 820 2060 and we can discuss your goals, resources etc.

  • Typically well established business with an understanding of the value of SEO will already know that they want an SEO expert to take control of driving rankings and traffic for their website on an ongoing basis.
  • If your business and website are relatively new then perhaps your resources may not stretch to our ongoing monthly services but you may be interested in our custom SEO Audit and Action plan or our SEO Setup services to help get your business off on the right footing.
  • Our SEO Audit is ideal for any business who is uncertain about how to proceed with SEO or who perhaps just want to arm themselves with a little more information specific to their website and niche before retaining the ongoing services of an SEO agency.

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  • Monthly SEO Packages

Our ongoing monthly SEO ranking services and traffic strategies are best suited to business who are already well established and who have a well defined sales and marketing plan in place.

  • Traffic Websites

Especially suited to businesses targeting the UK and USA. We can develop multiple websites within your niche to ensure we grab as much relevant trafffic as possible. These websites allow for quick wins.

  • Audit

An indepth review of your website, competitors and backlinks to help identify opportunities to improve rankings.

  • SEO Setup

We will implement the perfect website structure and onsite optimisation. We will setup your brand (including social profiles) online so that it ticks all the boxes for Google. Proper SEO setup can reduce the reliance on external backlinking by up to 70%.

  • Training & Consultancy

We can support your inhouse team by providing once off training or ongoing support tailored to your specific business objectives.

  • Website SEO

Typically clients seek SEO help after they have invested significantly in a website redesign. They may have a wonderful website but it has not been designed with rankings in mind. Why not have a design built around an website architecture which has been optimised to rank. We can provide you with a blueprint around which your web design team ca work.

  • Answer Box Optimisation

Do you operate in an industry where answer box results appear at the very top of the search results in position 0? Get in touch with us to find out what changes you need to make to take over that position.

GET STARTED: Indepth SEO Audit

Detailed video critique and action plan by Eleanor.

Order your Custom Audit today and take the guesswork out of how to rank your website.