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Panda & Penguin Penalty Recovery

***If you know your website has been hit with a Google Penalty and need help asap then please order our SEO Audit as a first step to get started on the road to recovery***

What is a Google Penalty?

Google’s priority is to provide it’s users (searchers) with the most relevant results to them as possible so that they continue to prefer and return to their search engine. Through a series of complicated metrics within its algorithm it works to determine what the most relevant result is for each searcher and search term. Within it’s algorithm are a series of filters which work to remove results which it determines are not relevant or that are of low quality. Google regularly updates it’s algorithm to ensure it keeps it’s results as high quality as possible.

There are two types of Google penalty;

1. A manual penalty

Your website has come to the attention of a member of the Google team and upon review of your website and it’s backlinks it has been determined to have engaged in low quality ranking tactics (spam)

2. Filter penalty

Your website has been automatically filtered out by the Google algorithm which identified it as having engaged in low quality ranking tactics (spam)

What is a Google algorithm update?

There have been many algorithm updates over the last few years but the most commonly recognised are Google Panda and Google Penguin. Both Panda and Penguin are automatic filter penalties.

What causes a penalty?

Poor quality ranking tactics which aim to manipulate the search engines

  • Unnatural Links
  • Over Optimisation
  • Poor quality content, thin content, duplicate content
  • A hacked website

How do you know if your site has been penalized?

  • Less phone calls and leads
  • Dramatic drop in traffic over the course of a few days or a few months
  • Message in Google webmasters
  • Not ranking passed page 4
  • Search for does not show a result for your website in the first position

Can it be fixed?


And luckily Google have recently announced that they are releasing rolling algorithm updates. This means that Panda and Penguin are continuously updating instead of just every couple of months – as has been the case. So any work to release a website from a filter penalty should see results immediately. No more waiting up to 6 months!

But first we need to determine is it worth it! Although may business owners do not like to hear it – oftentimes it can be a better solution to start your website from scratch on a new domain if your website has been badly hit. We will be honest with you and tell you if we believe this to be the case.

Typically though a website can be released from a filter penalty by identifying the causes of the penalty and working to reverse those causes.

How can I get started?

The first step is to order an indepth seo audit of your site. Our analysis will help us identify which algorithm update(s) triggered your websites penalty and what course of action needs to be taken. The cost of this audit is €795 and will contribute towards the overall cost of recovering your website.


At we work with businesses throughout Ireland who are seeking to increase sales and revenues by improving their company’s website and achieving a higher position on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Call us now on 086 8202060 to discuss your businesses needs.